Huntertown Community Interpretive Park


In August 1871, six years after the end of the Civil War, formerly enslaved Woodford County United States Colored Troop veteran Jerry Gatewood purchased the first 5-acre tract in what became known as Huntertown. For nearly 150 years, Huntertown was a thriving, close-knit African American community filled with stories of our shared heritage on this sacred land.

For nearly twenty years, a diverse group of Woodford County citizens has been working on a dream. They’ve had the vision of a beautiful 38+-acre community park honoring the legacy of Huntertown. They’ve dreamed of dedicating this beautiful park in August 2021, on the 150th Anniversary of Huntertown’s founding.

There is no better time to respectfully acknowledge our past and prepare a legacy for the future. Vibrant parks and green spaces are at the heart of resilient and equitable communities. Now is the time to celebrate and embrace the Huntertown Community Interpretive Park as our collective story.

You can learn more about the history of Huntertown, find volunteer opportunities and follow this important community project on the Huntertown Community Interpretive Park Facebook page!

What a great story that aired, April 30, 2022 ,on “Kentucky Life” for the Huntertown Community!  Click here to watch!

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The 150th Anniversary & Park Dedication is scheduled for August 28 & 29! Check out the video for details on this historic, family fun weekend, which will include a picnic, hiking trails, historic tours, a silent auction, music, speakers and more! Come out and learn all about this important community & what it means to Woodford County!

Click the video below to learn more about the important history of Huntertown and what the Woodford county community is doing to honor it’s memory, heritage and legacy!